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Box Elements

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Biodegradable Plant Pots

Ever wondered why we include biodegradable plant pots instead of plastic ones in our boxes?  
No plastic, so no waste and better for the environment
       • Can be planted directly into the ground or other soil, and therefore will not disturb the roots of the plant
       • No need for transplanting
       •Absorbs water better and moderates moisture to your plants
They are made from unused husks of coconuts, coir fibre, which is a totally renewable natural resource.Sourced from @naturalgardeneruk which advocated for the ‘fair trade’ if this ‘sustainable material which offsets Co2, that really fits with nature's cycle!

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The compost that we supply to you is of the best quality, and specific to
the type of houseplants that we provide. Taking into account the pH and
EC soil requirements for the plants so that you don’t have to.
As we have assured you, everything in our box has the environment in
mind. Therefore we provide our products in suitable quantities, and in
eco-friendly bags.
For example the compost supplied is contained within are biodegradable,
and therefore better for the environment than plastic alternatives

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Seeds and Seed Packets

We have provided 3 different seeds within our boxes. All are very popular
and easy to grow houseplants, that we think you will love. Check out our
planting guide to find the best hits and tricks to care for your plants.
Our seeds are contained within our bespoke designed seed packets,
created by the wonderful @viewfromthepottingbench. These packets are
Beautiful and Also made from recycled materials! We hope you love them!

Macrame Hanging Cord

We are working with the lovely @whitecollectionmacrame to bring you a
macrame cord that is eco-friendly. The cord provided within the box is
made from 100% recycled cotton (95% Recycled Cotton GRS and 5%
Recycled PET GRS)
The cord is of amazing quality, it is so soft and voluminous. We feel so
lucky to be working with Claire and her amazing business. Find out more
information about @whitecollectionmacrame through information
provided in our boxes, or visit the website linked below, you won’t regret

Seed Paper (Personalised Note)

For the launch of our latest boxes we have provided the option to add a
personalised note to your order.
However, this is not just any note. This note will be handwritten by one of
our team on beautiful seed paper sourced from the amazing
@littlegreenpapershop. This means that you can send a lovely note to the
person you are gifting the box to, which they are then able to plant.
Meaning that once the seeds have flowered then they can always
remember the lovely gift that you have sent them when they look at the
We hope you love this idea as much as we do!

Packaging and Additional Elements

It isn't just what is inside the box that is important to us, we wanted to
provide a product that looked amazing and was sustainable. There we
strongly encourage the reusing and recycling of our boxes. Our packaging
bags can also be reused, but they are also biodegradable. We also provide
business cards which are made from 100% recycled paper! Meaning that
they are sustainable and eco-friendly!
The OneBoX stickers that you see are also biodegradable. We worked
with the amazing Green Label Company to source our personalised
biodegradable labels, which really add something to our boxes!
The tissue paper we provide is plastic free, can be recycled and is also
biodegradable! How amazing is that!
We have provided protection for your items with a natural, eco-friendly
void fill, wood wool. This wool is recyclable, biodegradable and plastic
free, wood wool is made carbon naturally from sustainable sources,
meaning it is one of the best eco-friendly void fill options.
We are so glad that we could find sustainable options for our product,
and we hope this shows how much we value the environment.

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