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As a project leader you have great responsibility within Enactus Sheffield to set the vision for your project and ensure that your team is in the best possible position to realise and achieve your collective goals. We are aware that being a project leader is challenging and varied so we wish to support you as much as possible. This page has been collated from past and present project leaders and their experience, therefore we hope it is a helpful resource for you to refer back to. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the exec team about this page and any questions and further support you wish for in the future.

Your Support Network

Firstly, the most important thing to note is that the exec team is always here to support you. Please reach out if you are struggling with anything! 

    Your first point of contact for support and communication is with the portfolio director. It is crucial that you stay in close contact with this person because they will pass on important information to the exec team and vice versa. Keeping up this communication means that the exec team can effectively work to help each project, finding solutions to any problems and innovative ideas when they are needed. Of course, team members and leaders can contact 

any of the execs directly too.

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Managing Your Team

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  • Regularly update the team on successes, progress and challenges.​

    • Utilise the 3 central communication platforms: Your teams Slack workspace, Enactus Sheffield email & the Enactus Sheffield Facebook group.​

    • It’s important that everyone on your team has a holistic view of the project and a detailed understanding of where the project is currently and where it wants to go. This has been proven to promote motivation and proactive behaviour amongst teams.

  • Provide each team member with some guidance weekly so that everyone is aware of what they need to be doing in order to strive towards a collective goal.​

  • Ensure that the team knows the importance of communicating with you. If someone can’t make a meeting or complete a task for some reason, you will need to know so that you can make other arrangements.

    • Lay out some clear expectations here. For example, if a member is unable to complete a task, let the team know by the weekend at the latest, so that you have time to arrange for it to be completed by someone else. Another example, if a member is going to miss a meeting then they must let the team know 48 hours in advance, so that someone can arrange to speak to them before the team meeting, otherwise there’s a risk that no progress is made in one aspect of the project for that respective week.​

  • Weekly team meetings. It is hard to update the team without regular meetings, please see below for further information.

  • Use the Enactus Sheffield: Code of Conduct/Culture/Core Values, to reward and discipline.


  • Chairing a meeting

    • The role of the chair of a meeting is to ensure that the meeting is productive, actionable tasks are set after every discussion point (see agenda below) and all members of the team have their opinion valued.​

    • Asking the whole team to discuss an aspect of the project (on the agenda) will result in the best possible outcome (use the cognitive diversity of your team to your advantage!). Don’t be afraid to pick on specific members and ask for their opinion - just make sure it’s done in a respectful way.

  • Agenda

    • It may be helpful to use the update forms to inform what gets put on the agenda. Sharing an agenda with the team beforehand and asking them to read through it is a good way to engage the team in the meetings as they have a chance to see what will be discussed as well as having an opportunity to add anything to the agenda.​

  • Minutes

    • These record 3 primary things: discussion points, action points and deadlines. These should be shared with the whole team after the meeting (add to your drive). Taking minutes is an essential part of promoting accountability and staying on track when striving to achieve your goals.

    • Set up a rota, so everyone gets the chance to take minutes - it’s also a great skill to have when entering the world of work, as taking minutes is the norm in most organisations.


  • Acknowledge good work, you may nominate hard working team members in Enactus Sheffield awards opportunities in the future.

  • If someone is working particularly hard within your team, acknowledge it and tell them! This will boost their morale as well as encourage others.

  • If someone is working particularly hard, you may wish to use a small amount of your budget to award them with a gift voucher. Please be aware, this must be approved by the finance director beforehand.


  • It is important to set a precedent early on about how the disciplinary procedure works for your team. Although everyone is a volunteer, it is expected that every memeber pulls their weight, as well as doing enough to be eligible for HEAR accreditation at the end of the year. Enactus Sheffield prides itself on being one of the best teams in the UK, but in order for us to keep this standard, everyone needs to dedicate time and hard work to their team. 

Tips on how to do this

  • Make your team aware of Enactus Sheffield’s code of conduct

  • Set out a 3 strike system

  • Think about the reasons people may warrant a strike (refer to the code of conduct)

  • Make the team aware of the procedure you have set out

  • Keep track of who has been administered a strike

  • Talk to our HR director, this person is here to help you with this as it is understandably difficult to discipline people who you are likely to be friends with

  • If you have any suggestions or questions do not hesitate to contact our HR director (see ATS for details)

Compulsory Tasks for Project Leaders

These tasks are compulsory as they are a crucial element of keeping up communication across the whole of Enactus Sheffield.

On a weekly basis

  • By Monday, 17:00 at the latest, the update sheet for the exec team must be completed. This can be done by the team but it is the Project Leaders responsibility to make sure it is completed on time, as it informs the agenda for the Executive Board meeting. In order to ensure all members of the Executive Board have ample time to develop effective support strategies, we have to complete and share the agenda every Tuesday morning (at the very latest), not completing the update form stagnates this process, therefore the quality of support you will receive. You can find these forms in the shared google drive by searching for "Team update forms".

  • It is important to offer your team members guidance, ideas and support in line with the monthly plan for your project. Therefor, reviewing each individual's contribution to the team weekly and implementing tasks, provides guidance so that the project ultimately runs as smoothly as possible. If you need support with a template for weekly tasks, the monitoring of team members and/or new ideas then ask your porfolio director.

On a regular basis

  • Updating the yearly plan provides structure to the year ahead. It is also a way to guide the weekly tasks for your team members to ensure you are on track. Inevitably, things change throughout the year so this plan is likely to need revising at times - “Be stubborn about your goals but flexible in how you reach them”. Therefore, it is important to do so, so that everyone can see which projects are on track and, which may need some extra support and guidance.

  • Here is a link to a reimbursement form for any team expenditure.

    • Please follow the steps on the form and send them to the finance director (see ATS for details)​

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  • As project leader, you may sometimes need to support your team and work alongside Enactus Sheffield’s HR director to find a new team member. Sometimes this might be straightforward and you may not need anyone with a specific skill set, at other times you might want to specify exactly what type of skill set you are looking for.

  • Take a look at this guide for writing a role description, perhaps you could think of something similar.

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ENtrepreneurial - having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity;


ACtion - the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed;


US - a group of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.


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