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Advanced Course

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A course focused on equipping students with the skills to start building more advanced projects. Students can expect to leave the course with a detailed knowledge of how to build projects from the ground up utilising object oriented programming, web servers, automated unit testing and a host of other skills. A base level of python skill is required as well as about 5 hours for each week in order to get the most from the course.

Course Content

Week 1

Coding Reintroduction

Week 2

Automatic Testing

Week 3

Object Orientation

Week 4

  • Introduction to the course

  • Setting up the required software (Python, Git and VS Code)

  • Idiomatic Python Overview

  • How to use Git.

  • Exercise: Using Git and Python

  • Why automating testing is important

  • How to automate testsing your code

  • Exercise: Testing code

  • What is object orientation and why is it useful?

  • How to read and write object orientated code

  • Exercise: Building a small game using object orientation

There is no new course content this week.​

  • 1-on-1 meeting with a mentor

Reading Week

Week 5

How to use an API

Week 6

Web Servers

Week 7

Combining Skills

  • What is an API?

  • How to interact with an API

  • Exercise: Solve the API puzzle

  • How to build your own web server

  • Introduction to HTML and CSS

  • Exercise: Make your game into a web server

  • Automatic testing in a web server

  • How to break problems down and solve them programmatically

  • More helpful tools for python

  • Final Project

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