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Our Mission

We want to educate girls about period poverty, menstrual health and sustainable period products to raise awareness and tackle the stigma around menstruations.

About Us

Free Flow is a social enterprise based in Sheffield that aims to sell reusable sanitary pads and then use the profit generated to donate the same pads to charities supporting disadvantaged menstruators.

Furthermore, we hope to provide educational workshops to school girls, teaching them about menstrual health and sustainable menstrual products to hopefully encourage discussion that should reduce the taboo.

Additionally, we want to raise awareness about menstrual health and sustainable period products online through blog, social media, articles.

Not only does Free Flow provide a product that will reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by disposable sanitary pads but we will also help to encourage eco-friendly solutions and lift girls out of period poverty.


2021 Enactus Sheffield.

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