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The Programme

Gym Coach

Personal Mentor

Each student has a personal mentor who provides them with support and advice throughout the programme.

Digital Desk

Improving Employability Skills

The students receive workshops on key skills such as writing a CV and being able to appropriately answer interview questions.

Stack of hands

Social Sport

Each session is supported with social sport, most often football. This aims to improve skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership whilst also allowing them to engage in something they enjoy.

Why the different components of our programme are beneficial

FA Imagine Your Goals Project to improve wellbeing via sport

Sport England Towards an Active Nation Strategy focuses on how sport changes lives

FA Heads up Campaign on simple steps to look after our mental health

Sport and Recreation Alliance Game of Life report on the value of sport for society overall


Playing Soccer

Following our 9 week pilot programme in April 2019:

  • The majority were extremely engaged in the programme

  • Over 50% scored the programme a 10/10 for usefulness in week 9

  • All the students rated their enjoyment of the mentoring above 8, with 80% scoring it 10/10

Soccer Field

New skills the students felt they had learnt included:

  • Problem Solving

  • Team Work

  • Confidence

Flag Football Players

Overall, 100% felt the sessions met their expectations

This feedback was incredibly pleasing for the OnTarget team and shows the value in our programme. We hope to capitalise on the students’ responses to develop our programme further and maximise its benefits.

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