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Save Our Environment.

All profits from OneBox go to our partner project OneDrop. Both projects are social enterprise affiliated with Enactus Sheffield.

Here at OneBox, we provide an affordable, eco-friendly gardening box range! We are a student-led social enterprise, meaning that all profits made from OneBox will go to our project partner OneDrop, which helps subsistence farmers in Malawi.

Whether you’d like to start your own journey or gift it to a loved one, OneBox is your one-stop shop for all things gardening!

Core Values

Our products represent a love for the environment. They are made entirely of biodegradable and recyclable materials. Our promise is that wherever possible we will promote the protection of the environment.


We are transparent with all aspects of our supply chain, making sure that all our customers know where and how we source our materials.


Kindness to all, people and the environment. We want to create a product that will help gardens to flourish and bring the compassion of gardening in an eco-friendly way.

Aerial View of the Forest

Enactus Sheffield is a student-led organisation that exists within the University of Sheffield. Their work focuses on transforming the lives of people in need through the power of business. This is accomplished by setting up social enterprises that provide employment and products which bring both social and
environmental benefits across the world.

One Drop is an enterprise which acts in Malawi, operated by students in Sheffield. In the past, One Drop developed, made, and sold drip irrigation systems in association with SURCOD in Malawi. This created a business opportunity in one of the worlds’ most disadvantaged nations, generating employment and teaching business skills.

The system itself was designed to be connected to a water butt and feed water directly to plants’ roots, thus minimising the amount of water lost through evaporation or wasteful run-off. Water is precious in the arid conditions of rural Malawi; therefore, using it more efficiently is crucially important. Overall, this project improved crop yields for lots of subsistence farmers.
These drip irrigation devices were designed to be easy-to-use, simple to maintain, and enduring, thereby improving food security of the region. We are delighted that this project is now self-sustainable; we are proud to have passed it onto SURCOD, who are continuing to implement this independently.

One Drop now has an exciting new objective. Working with the organisation DAMRA (Development Action for Marginalised Rural Areas), we are producing a handbook for distribution within the region of Rumphi, Malawi, to promote more sustainable farming practices, and water and soil conservation techniques. Disseminating knowledge in this area to all members of society (including women) is vital, because areas such as Rumphi are increasingly vulnerable to unpredictable climate change. Spreading awareness to all is crucial to meeting the requirements of today whilst protecting the needs of future society. We relish this new partnership with DAMRA, and share their goals of achieving local food security, improving household income levels, tackling gender inequality, and recognising the role of youths in reaching sustainable development

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Aerial View of the Forest
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