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Role Descriptions

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We are delighted that you are interested in Enactus. It is an amazing opportunity to work with like-minded and highly driven students on issues that matter. However, we do ask that you consider before signing up whether you will be able to commit your time to it. Depending on the role that you go for, it can get get very busy at times and with university work as well it can get stressful. But we are all students who are all in the same position and deadlines, so we are not expecting you to devote 100% of your time to Enactus, however, due to the nature of some of the projects, it is not possible to put them on hold and sometimes work needs to be completed over Christmas periods and Summer.

What to expect:

  • Meetings every Wednesday 5-7pm (and meeting 4-5pm if on Exec team)

  • Work over the week (time commitment depends on the role see more info under each role)

Over the Summer, regardless of what role you are in - we work collaboratively to make sure that the projects are ready to start in September. 

Click on each team to see the roles that are available

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ENtrepreneurial - having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity;


ACtion - the willingness to do something and the commitment to see it through even when the outcome is not guaranteed;


US - a group of people who see themselves connected in some important way; individuals that are part of a greater whole.


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